Are college credits available?

Yes they are. Optional semester credit hours of graduate-level continuing education credit are available through the Colorado School of Mines Teacher Enhancement Program. NEON is not a degree-granting institution and therefore cannot grant official credit for our courses. Recognizing that many schools and districts require their teachers to complete a certain amount of continuing education each year, we have made arrangements with the Colorado School of Mines to offer graduate-level continuing education credits upon the successful completion of each course.

How do CSM continuing education credits differ from traditional university or college credits? 

Optional graduate-level semester relicensure credit offered for each course is applicable for recertification in the State of Colorado and is generally accepted elsewhere. The credits are not applicable toward a degree at the Colorado School of Mines or elsewhere. Typically, continuing education credits are used by teachers for relicensing or recertification and not for application to a degree program or initial certification. Requirements vary by state and district, therefore, you should check with your local administrators to determine if the graduate level continuing education credits meet their requirements.

Is there a cost for the graduate-level continuing education credits?

Yes, these optional credits require an additional fee. As of October 2013, the fee is $90 for two credits. Currently, all of our courses are available for two credits.This continuing education credit fee is separate from the required $35 course fee.

How do I apply for the optional continuing education credits?

You must submit your intent to take the course for credit prior to the course start. If you would like the optional credits, please send an email to our CSM coordinator (CSAregistrar@neoninc.org). Please do not contact CSM directly.

CSM credit paperwork is course specific. You will receive directions for submitting CSM credit-related paperwork and payment after registering for the course.